Medium Companies

Management of your financials is a fine line between success and failure. A national study conducted in Australia had found that 61% of SMEs had identified "failure to manage costs or anticipate rising costs" as one of the main reason (61%) for failure of Sole Traders with "inadequate bookkeeping" resulting in failure in 26% of the cases. So the dangers of business failure as a result of bad bookkeeping is more real than than what businesses may think.

As a medium company, keeping up to date with what you are spending and earning is absolutely essential. You need to know:

  • Exactly where every penny of your money is going every month - are you wasting it on unnecessary items or services?
  • Whether you are getting a good deal on essential business purchases - are you paying too much for base materials? Should you look to source from somewhere else?
  • What your cash-flow forecasts are - it is important to have a cash-flow plan. A cash-flow plan can tell you if you need to borrow money and if so, how much, when and how you can repay the loan.
  • Whether you could manage your spending better. Where is money going? Do you need to set a more realistic budget or prioritise certain costs? For instance - pot plants and scatter cushions may look nice in a beauty parlour but they're not as important as the heating bill.
  • When are all of the tax and annual return deadlines? Late fees can mount up very quickly to extraordinary amounts.


Benefits of engaging us

When you work engage us there are number of benefits you get:

  • Save employee costs: You can save upto 50-65% of employee costs as we provide all the services at very affordable cost using a combination of onsite and offsite accounting services
  • Full range of accounting & administration services: We provide all the services whether it involves accounts receivable/payable to raising invoices or chasing overdue accounts to managing your paperwork
  • Quality assurance: We ensure that our quality is not compromised in whatever we do. We are Xero certified and experienced MYOB user. We have gone thru the rigorous process to become a certified bookkeeper with New Zealand Bookkeepers Association. Part of our team is a Chartered Accountant who will ensure all of our work is of top quality and to the highest standard.
  • Our services are flexible and tailored to meet your needs. We do not believe in a one size fits all model.
  • We are fully resourced including computer equipment, scanners etc. to complete your tasks
  • Minimal disruption to you: We slip into our bookkeeping role with minimal disruption to your daily activities